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Newcomers grabbing at Canadas brass ring

Oct 6 2015--Vancouver BC--Citizenship ceremony: New Canadians take the citizenship oath during a ceremony in Vancouver. (Photographs by Brian Howell) “I went to college by day and worked as a cleaner at night,” says Vieira. “I always felt safe. In Brazil, I never felt that way. I wanted something better for myself and my future.” READ MORE:  The changing face of Canadian immigration in one chart After receiving her dental assistant’s diploma from George Brown College, Vieira went on to marry and have two children of her own, a son and daughter now ages 9 and 2. “I have a job I love and we own our own home,” says Vieira. “Now our goal is to save for our kids’ education. We do it all for them now so they can have a happy, rewarding life too.” Certified financial planner Heather Franklin has seen the same disciplined approach to getting ahead amongst her own immigrant clients. “It’s important to them to do well, whereas for Canadians born here, it’s more about keeping up appearances and ‘keeping up with the Jones.’ Immigrants value hard work, a home and security—not all the bells and whistles.” These days, immigrants have a lot of help getting them started in building wealth and financial success in their new country and most Canadian banks have newcomer packages. “Set up a chequing account in the first few weeks of your arrival,” advises Cheung to immigrant newcomers. “After all, before you can apply for a credit card, mortgage or personal loan, and before you can start building up your Canadian credit history, you need an account.” Often these newcomer banking packages mean they won’t charge monthly account fees for the first six-to-12 months and they’ll give immigrants discounts on other financial products like safety deposit boxes or auto insurance. Maramba found it helpful, too, to make full use of online banking. “It’s so easy now,” says Maramba.

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Liquid Chalk Canada

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